Colibri MedicaL - Your Trustworthy Distribution Partner for Medical Devices

Colibri Medical enables easy access to health-care markets for  innovative technology companies with convincing medical device or diagnostic products. We are the strategic distribution partner of choice for young ventures as we know that flexible distribution contracts, a clearly traceable CRM process and the possibility to get direct customer feedback present a important asset for young ventures and their shareholders.

Our Mission

We use our grown network of health care professionals to help young technology companies to gain quick access to medical device markets. We  do not distribute for you but set-up distribution concept and customer base with you.

Our Concept

Our concept is based on flexibility and transparency. Distribution contracts can be terminated from our customers at any time. Client contacts can be overtaken for direct distribution. Our customers get current information on the client approach process and feedback regarding the product.

Team & Network

Colibri Medical was founded by a group of experienced founders in medical device industry. The involved team knows the operational business development set-up process in medical devices inside out. The team disposes of a convincing network of healthcare professionals.

Products of Choice

Colibri Medical focuses on products that provide improvement for patients and help to facilitate processes and outcomes in clinical practice. We support high quality innovations with compelling and unique benefits that are reasonably priced and user friendly.